June 16, 2010

Does blueberry strudel cause insomnia?

Well does it??

Again, does blueberry strudel cause insomnia? Because if it does I'm laying off the stuff.

I was awake until after midnight last night. I just couldn't sleep although I was so tired.

But hang on, maybe my lack of slumber had something to do with the freight train (snoring Hubbster) next to me.

Or even Miss T (aged 5) who woke up every half an hour asking me to fix her blankets.

And they still expect me to wake up early and cook them breakfast?


Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

There is nothing worse than nights like that! You deserve a nap.

Posh Totty said...

Your night sounds like a normal every day night in the Posh household.

Being Me said...

I don't know if strudel causes insomnia but I'd just like to thank you (not) for making me hungry for one when I don't have one in the house! ;)

Sounds like a night from hell. You have my sympathies.