October 20, 2010

My Intervention

I've recently noticed that a couple of bloggers have posted about their blogging taking them away from the other things they have to do in their lives. I am finding this as well.

I have a crazy To Do list that...well...frankly is not getting done. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a To Do list, doesn't it??

So I'm going to do a two part intevention.

My first issue I have a grievance with is that I find I am not visiting the blogs I follow....I follow *ahem* around 160 blogs, but dammit, you guys rock and I just can't help myself so there.

So I have decided not to post for the rest of the week, and the time I use for blogging I shall instead be visiting your blogs and reading and commenting and stalking. So be prepared for Farmers Wifey to comeavisiting and remember I love an Irish Breakfast with no sugar or milk.

The second thing I am going to do is to post my To Do list on my blog for the month of November, and see exactly what I can get done.

I'll cross things off as I go, and I appreciate that there will be things I just won't get to, like stripping and staining the old antique dresser I have, or learning to play Brown Eyed Girl on my guitar so The Hubbster can actually identify it...but I am going to give it all my best shot.

I find at times I need a good kick in the motivation rear as I can be quite lazy at times, and would much prefer to be watching reruns of Supernatural than cleaning out the fridge.

You get my point.

Perhaps if I post my To Do list on my blog, I shall be shamed into admitting that I am not the best at time management.

Remember, there are some dodgy things on my list that may not make alot of sense to you, but to me, they are little things that I just can't get to.

I'm actually quite excited by this two part revelation.

It doesn't mean I won't be twittering though..which I find quite addictive.


Liz said...

We will miss you , but looking forward to the list!

Catherine said...

Hi there! You have a very touching blog and brought tears to my eyes about the anniversary of your dad's death.
Thank you for sharing!
Blessings. Catherine

Anonymous said...

Great idea! And the best part is that we - your blogging pals - can ask.. "Um.. Did you get those walls painted today? How 'bout that laundry, it's not gonna' do itself ya' know.." ; ) Holy hell have you opened yourself up for a lot of nagging.. Haha.. I'll be at the top of the list, it's one of the things I do best, ask my children.. :)
Seriously tho. Good for you! My to do list just keeps getting longer and longer.. :(

Wanderlust said...

I've decided I need to quit my job so I can keep up with my blogging. Priorities, you know.

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

Isn't it frustrating when life gets in the way of blogging? Hope your 2 part intervention works for you! :)

Anonymous said...

I kind of gave up on a to do list a long time ago. I used to make one out and by the end of the day it was twice as long, with the first items on the list still to do!

CJ xx