October 22, 2010

Out of the mouth of babes

The following post was too good not to write about. It shows just how insane my kids (life) are.

Today after school, I dropped Miss D (aged 9) at nanny's work to spend the weekend with her. She helps with the RSPCA dog adoptions thus they have a busy weekend ahead. That left me with Mr C (aged 7) and Miss T (aged 5). I like to refer to these two as my bad combination.

I mean, without Miss D there bossing them around, they actually get on really well. But they also get into mischief together like eating Tim Tams from the fridge and running off whilst chewing or spraying the guineas with water while I'm not watching.

Anyway, whilst getting back into the car after buying some wine, as one does on a Friday afternoon, I viewed Miss T licking the bottom of Mr C's shoe. Naturally I wanted to know why the hell she would do such a thing so the conversation went like this"-

Farmers Wifey: did you just lick the bottom of his shoe?

Miss T: umm yes I did.

Farmers Wifey: why on earth would you do that? It's disgusting..

Miss T: acourse (because) he told me to.

Farmers Wifey: but you shouldn't do everything he says???

Miss T (getting teary): but he said he'd kick me in the nuts if I didn't.....

The explanation went a bit like this:

Farmers Wifey: first of all, you are a girl, so technically you don't have testicles. Secondly you don't know where his shoe has been so don't lick it. Thirdly I'm not giving you a kiss until you clean your teeth.

Of course all the while thinking to myself "who the hell are these children and what happened to the normal ones I had last week??"


posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

This is how children keep you on your toes, they just do the most unimaginable, ridiculous & crazy things ever. Love that you could put 'testicles' & brushing teeth in one sentance/ monologue!! Love Posie

Unknown said...

funny!! I love the stuff that comes out of their mouths, - not so much the stuff they put in them.

Rachel said...

You rock the storytelling - and I'm so glad your kids provide such great bloggy material! :) Thanks for the laughs!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I love this post for two reasons. First because it's butt ass funny!! Second, because I'M NOT ALONE!!!! Hahaha!
Your kids ARE normal! :)

sevencherubs said...

classic conversation :) kids are so funny and gross at the same time. reminds me of Libby this week - because of the rain she went around licking water off of everything - other people's cars, telephone polls, the ground - you name it - totally disgusting and just would not stop it - feeling thankful for the sun today :)

Veronica Lee said...

LOL!! Hi! Stopping by from Aussie Mommys Club. Love your blog.

Have a nice day!

Mrs Woog said...

Siblings are sooooo evil sometimes! Am leaving your post with a smile on my dial.'
Love Mrs Woog

Corrie said...

now that is funny:)