December 4, 2010

To Do List

My Getting My Shit Together or November To Do List was a success. I didn't complete all of the required chores that were listed, and I didn't think I would, but I did alot of things and caught up ready for December. Here's the list with the items completed crossed out:-

Clean out the fridge. Seriously
Make my dental appointment
Update kids 5 year books
Order 2011 calendar
Write that school letter
See school re above letter
Spend birthday voucher (6 months old)
Do up budget
Take one child to dentist
Clean out the freezer
Scrape tape marks from front new house doors
Write up calendar including dates from school newsletter
Read book to give to daughter re puberty
Clean out my wardrobe and drawers
Get some sleep
Start Christmas shopping
Spring clean kids clothes cupboards
Totally clean out bathroom cupboard
Organise Christmas envelope stickers
Buy Christmas wrap, tags, ribbon
Write up Christmas cards from me
Make Christmas cards from kids to their friends
Make and/or buy Christmas gifts for 3 teachers
Read Princess Bitchface so I can handle my tween
Get brand new sewing machine out of box and go to lesson
Clean out oven
Catch up on reading Southern Vampire Mysteries
Clean and sort out pile of crap on computer desk
Organise photos - save to disk
Organise videos - save to disk
Clean out bar fridge
Sort pantry
Clean and organise kitchen cupboards
Make kids job charts
Sort out manchester cupboard
Spring clean loungeroom
Sort out bookcase

Thank you everyone who has voted for me in Babbles Top 50 list. I'm getting closed to the top 50 but still have some way to go.

The trouble is there are so many awesome blogs listed....if you could spare a moment, please click this link...I'm on page 2 under Farmers Wifey..


Felicity said...

That's one serious list and I'm most impressed with how many that you did get marked off.
Reading through there are a couple that I really should get to so thanks for the reminder!

Felicity x

Megan Blandford said...

Phew - what a list!

AJ-OAKS said...

Exhausted just seeing everything you crossed off the list! Geez, what is Decembers going to look like?

A Farmer's Wife said...

You crossed a lot off. I am very impressed. Ii make lists like that and invariably lose them. I also put things on I have already done so I can cross some off at the start. Cheating really.

Anonymous said...

wow what a huge list i havn;t even made mine as yet! lol... So will start to work on it tomorrow geez so much to do before xmas ....

Foursons said...

Wow, you accomplished a LOT in November! I think you deserve something special for you efforts. Like Tim Tams or something.

Diminishing Lucy said...

I voted.

I love your list.

Since you posted this inititally, I stepped up on mine too, so thank you.

(My oven never got cleaned either. I am at the point of bribing my husband with oral sex to entice HIM to clean the fecking oven.)

(And I voted too....)

Dreaming said...

I'm wearing my 'I Voted' sticker!
Do you know if we can vote each day?

I love the progress you made on the list. I notice that the kids' job chart wasn't done....Why don't you let them make up the chart (and include some of your unfinished projects) could kill two bird with one stone ;-)

Kakka said...

Great list and I am impressed so many got crossed off with you being such a busy Mummy. Well done. May need to make one of these up for myself.