December 20, 2010

Yeah Baby

It's been a strange couple of days. Christmas came out of nowhere and hit me smack bang in the middle of my forehead with a stamp that says "you are completely not organised. Have fun shopping on Christmas Eve.

- ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha".

Then we had a big electricial storm on Saturday night. As I carried a frightened Miss T (aged 5) out of the kitchen into the shed to make a run for the loungeroom, the shed was struck by lightening. Great timing, thank you thunder Gods.

We saw and felt the arc and the flash and the sound of a gunshot and maybe me peeing my pants, and Miss T was screaming as well, so it was a really fun Saturday night Not.

Of course we had a huge blackout and no internet for 24 hours which nearly sent me around the twist. But I fixed it because I'm such a tech geek. It was a problem with the router which I had to troubleshoot and reset.

Then I decided to go Xmas shopping yesterday and right in the middle of Best n Less the power blacked out, so there I was standing in darkness in the mens underwear section. I'm just glad I wasn't in Coles with a full trolley load of groceries, because THOSE shoppers looked really bit pissed off....

We had our work Christmas party on Friday night and it was a Hollywood theme, complete with a red carpet to strut, and was so much fun. I decided to go as Felicity Shagwell from Austin Powers (yeah baby) and after seeing these photos, I'm seriously considering going blonde because I really had more fun.

Here's me with Audrey Hepburn
And with the mad hatter
And me looking extremely statuesque, which is trick photography as I'm only 5'2. I'm with the plastic surgeon to the stars..
Here's me with my FIL channeling Ben Kingsley (Gandhi).
Me again with our plastic surgeon
Oh here's me with Hugh Hefner. His playboy bunny is around somewhere
Here's me with the boxer from Million Dollar Baby
Here's me with Jane (Tarzan was here somewhere)
Here's me with Ozzy Osbourne



Sandra said...

Love how you had the "peace" sign going on in every single picture! Oh, and I LOVE Ozzy flipping the bird! Still laughing out loud!
You look fab as a blond, and yes, I was blond for a brief moment in time, and I definitely had more fun!

Wanderlust said...

Scary moment there with the electrical storm!

Love the Hollywood pics! But why are the mad hatter's pants unzipped? Hmmm...

Farmers Wifey said...

Ha, I think his shirt was just overhanging his pants....I think??

A Farmer's Wife said...

I feel sorry for you because I have been in our house when lightning struck and it was very scary. All the appliances blew out and there was smoke everywhere, fortunately no fire!

Great party photos.

sevencherubs said...

so love the pictures - great legs!!

so love those gold boots - looks like awesome fun!

not so good about the storm though but glad you could have a night of fun. naomi xx

Anonymous said...


You look amazing x

Toni said...

Wow you are some kinda POWERFUL girl.
Knocking out the voltage wherever you go.
Also -- those boots are HOT.

Annette Piper said...

Oh wow, looks like it was a fun party! Hope you get it all together for Christmas and if not... oh well, that's life :)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Glad you weren't hurt in the blackout, could have been a lot worse. And going without the internet for 24 hours is a nightmare!!

CJ xx

Dreaming said...

Love Ozzy! He's right in character.
A lightening strike that close must have been terrifying. Glad you are OK and the wiring wasn't fried.

Being Me said...

Funny! (the photos, that is, not the lightning striking the shed OMG) Those are some really inventive costumes. You looked like you wore that smile all night (and that peace sign) ;)

fromsophiesview said...

LOVE IT, BABY! Now you know how to have a good time...just sayin'...BTW..Have a Merry Xmas and stop tempting the vamp you!

jeanie said...

I really think the thunder gods shuld take mothers into consideration more.

While they are at it with the consideration thing, could we put in a not raining while we have to go Xmas shopping (yes on Christmas Eve, yes could have organised it better) request?

Have a great one - looking groovy baby, yeah!!