January 29, 2011

Battle of the Blogger Butts Week 4

Here are some words to describe my week.

Back. Pain

Panedeine Forte


Huge Frustration

Doctors Visit

CT Scan

Disc Disc Disc!

So you can see that I decided to have a CT Scan on my back as I was in pain and even the stretching wasn't helping.

I have discovered that I have two disc bulges and there is no space between my lowest disc and my tailbone (and there should be space), so I kinda have bone against bone.

No wonder I'm pissed off and cranky.

I'm like a dog with a sore foot. Don't bother talking to me, I'll chew your head off..

I'm glad in a way that I have found out that there is a problem and I know where to go from here.

I know that I will need to stretch and strengthen for the rest of my life.

I know that I need to do pilates which is great for core strength.

I know that I need to buy a fitball and sit on it.

I know I have to go to physio and let Ben deep tissue massage the crapola outa my back.

I know that this is something that I now have to live with and adapt to.

I know that my focus is shifted from high impact, quick weightloss to slow and steady weight loss, and core strengthening to protect my back.

I know I can't put on weight (thanks Doc) and I have to find my stomach muscles to again protect my back.

I know I have to remember my posture and walk and stand as if I have a pole stuck up my bum. Seriously.

So my weight loss is:-

Start 70.5 kg
Week 1 69.7 kg
Week 2 69.9 kg
Week 3 69.3 kg
Week 4 69.9 kg

Here's hoping I have some better news next week. I'm so happy to have you guys to motivate me because I probably would have given up by now because of my stupid back...


Annette Piper said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch! My back went one day last year - I bent over to pick up my handbag and bang. I was in extreme pain for a week before going to see the chiro. Thankfully he was able to put things back in their right spots but then it took another fortnight to get better. I hope it gets better soon - it's so debilitating - and definitely won't be helping on the weight loss front.

Cate said...

Oh I can't stress enough how clever you are to have gone and got this problem investigated properly - but proper medical practitioners!! Doctors, physios - all such good decisions!
The only way to heal is to get the right advice and then listen to it!

But in the meantime it sounds as if you must be doing everything right - your weight is going in the right direction, and pilates is great for so many reasons.

Great work trooper :-)

Jane said...

The back is a crappily designed bunch of joints. No arguments there. Here's my permission to swear continuously as much as you like. You will learn to work around it because there is no stopping YOU. And we should ALL walk around as though there is a pole up ALL our bums- whether we like it (?!) or not. (And I know I don't- walk around like that- that is. Whether I like it or not I will leave to your imagination!)

sevencherubs said...

you poor dear! so impressed you went and had yourself checked...it still is a small number and it totally workable - keep going gorgeous! stretch, stretch and more stretching :) thinking of you. Naomi x

Anonymous said...

Poor you, sounds awful -- but hang in there, your numbers are headed in the right direction!

Anonymous said...

I've got another word for you.


Good for you for getting it all checked out properly and finding out what the problem is. Good for you for finding out what you need to do to protect your back in the future.

I know it's frustrating to find yourself in pain and limited in how you should move, but getting on top of it now puts you so far ahead in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Oh how painful! You are doing the right thing getting it all seen to. Pain is like sleep deprivation - horrible. Hang in there - as they say - this to shall pass.

Kellyansapansa said...

You poor thing - the continual pain sounds awfully frustrating. Hang in there - you CAN learn to live with this and take control of your life!

Unknown said...

Ditto to what everyone else has already said.

Deidre said...


core strengthening is so hard to do without hurting your back - I have a weak core, and I often find myself using my back muscles to do the exercises.

Good luck.

Tracy said...

You poor thing and good on you for getting it seen to properly.It's so wonderful to see you stick with this, you will really motivate me in my weight loss battle. Hugs x

Dreaming said...

I used to sit on a fit ball when I had long hours at the computer. I really got where I liked it. If you are going to use one for that, make sure you get one that is tall enough to put you at a good angle for your keyboard. My first was too small and it was a strain to type. Sadly, I can't remember what size actually worked out (remember that the ball will squish, so it needs to be considerably taller than your chair.)

I have officially joined The Battle. Check out yesterday's posting where I publicly proclaimed my plan to pare down my poundage.