March 19, 2011

Ausblogcon2011 UNDERWAY

Can't stop, conference underway.

I'm tweeting and facebooking live, will update my blog when I have time.

Met some amazing bloggers already who I kind of know, it's such a strange sensation to know them via their blogs but to meet them in's overwhelming.

Oh, we walked back to the hotel from the Nuffnang drinks last night through Kings Cross and encountered a pub fight and 3 prositutes.

Take me back to the country.....


Torkona said...

teehehehe.. I too miss the country, but you've probably only been away a day or so, i've been away for several years.

have fun today! soak lots in, we all wanna see laods of piccies :-)

- tork

Foursons said...

Have fun, take lots of pictures, and of course blog ALL about it! I want to see shots of the pub fight. Did you get some?

Corrie said...

so lovely to meet you! you are just as sweet as I imagined. I'm just wishing i could have stayed for the dinner and next year am definitely staying on!

hope you had fun! I hate the cross, and that's when I'm in the comfort of my car!


Dreaming said...

It all sounds like great fun - meeting friends face to face must be a bit strange at first.
Enjoy your city visit! And yes, pictures... lots of pictures. We want to 'be' there too! (Even if after the fact)

foxinflats said...

Hi Michelle,
Was lovely to meet you at the dinner. Loved your sparkly hair clip, and love your blog - well done!!!

Carly Findlay said...

Oh I loved meeting you. You were truly one of my favourites. You made me feel so welcome :) Thank you xx