March 17, 2011

One more sleep

One more sleep and my AusBlogCon experience begins.

For those of you who have been living under a rock or in a comotose state, tommorrow I'm off to Sydney for the very first Aussie Bloggers Conference.

I am so excited. I am also worried that I'm going to leave something at home.

It's been such a busy week. I've been in a rush, getting from home to work to kids activities, occasionally back to work, back home, and finally to bed.

I'm actually feeling quite exhausted and mentally drained.

I don't like feeling like this. Emotional and tired, and stressed, trying to get everything done. Making sure my work is up to date.

And the instructions are ready for The Hubbster while I'm gone.

For five days. I miss the kids already.

But once I get on that plane, I'll be fine.

I don't like being in such a rush. I feel quite displaced.

I plan to change that.

See you tommorrow in Sydney!


Cate said...

See you there!! Just don't forget your frock for the dinner :-)

Cheeseboy said...

Didn't realize I had so many Aussie blogging friends. Have a great time. Expect your husband to feed them McDonalds every night, or the Australian equivalent.

Sorry I haven't been around very often. Hope you have a terrific Saint Patties Day!

Diminishing Lucy said...

Up. Dressed. Waiting for cab. See you soon for some peace. I can so identify with your post - too much rushing!

Alannah said...

have the best time! If you have left something at home, you can always buy it! Do you have your money and your shoes? Just need that and your big smile! Smiles, A

Rosie said...

Have a great time. Wish I was going,