March 3, 2011

Wifey FAQ

People often say to me "Farmers Wifey, you have such a great sense of humour. You're so funny" And I say "well if you lived in a shed you'd laugh (possibly manically) too.

BTW Long awaited House Update coming soon...stay tuned!

Anyway, I thought I'd bring you some Wifey FAQ's, a few resurrected from a previous post and some new delicious tidbits.....

So you're a Farmers Wife, does that mean you can drive a tractor?

Yes I can drive our tractor who we've called JAFFA because she's orange. I can also drive (ride) a motorbike, a go kart, a tennis racket and I drive The Hubbster crazy on a daily basis.

You've been living in your "temporary" shed for two and a half years. What's the worse thing about living in this situation?

How much time have do you have? It's a bit of a toss up between the frogs, the canetoads, the rain coming in, the dust, the dirt, having no storage, being cramped with 5 sleeping in the same room, a few snakes, spiders and mice occasionally, big storms and lightening strikes, a couple of cyclones, and having the house right next door and not finished.

Storage and space are a nightmare. We have no storage and not enough clothing space for the kids clothes which drives me to frustration most days.

And the best?

Becoming close as a family, the experiences and crazy situations we have found ourselves in and the excitement of seeing our dream home materialize before our eyes.

We have all learnt to sacrifice, to go without the comforts that we have become used to, and just deal with what we have.

The kids can ride their bikes and scooters through the shed, we have a possum who we hand feed every night, and the beauty, and space and peace that we have here is unmeasureable. And our view of the mountains and water is breathtaking.

You like your bling, what do you have?

I only wear gold and white gold, and just because I feed the chooks and chase guinea fowl doesn't mean I can't look chic while doing it.

You don't have alot of photos of your kids on your blog. What's with that?

I have this "thing" about posting pics online...which is ironic because this is a public blog afterall. I guess I'll leave it up to the kids to decide what they share. The Hubbster doesn't really like to feature either, except for this gem (and I know he secretly enjoyed it).

So have the kids done anything embarrassing lately?

What do you mean lately? This is a trick question right?

No we're serious.

Does two kids wrestling at the feet of the saleslady in Bunnings qualify?

Is your blog a Justin Bieber free zone?

No, in fact my blog is Justin Bieber Compatible.

If you had to kiss another woman, who would it be and why?

That would be Drew Barrymore. She is so down to earth, funny and talented. She would make an awesome best friend. And she has great hair.

Do you have an embarassing and cringeworthy moment?

Well there was this one time in the middle of the cinema while watching New Moon when Jacob (Taylor Lautner) took his shirt off, and I called out at the top of my voice "YEAH BABY".

The entire audience roared with laughter and wolf whistled while I slid down in my seat and blushed red like an overripe tomato.

You have 3 children 10 and under, so you would be familiar with The Wiggles. Would you rather listen to Hot Potato Hot Potato one more time or stick a rusty fork in your eye?

This is so close to the mark I can't even decide.


Maxabella said...

LOVE learning more about you."Farmers Wifey, you have such a great sense of humour. You're so funny." x

Zoey Martin said...

Can I vote for rusty fork?!

Romina Garcia said...

This is hilarious.
So glad I found you :-)
ps - I choose rusty fork.

Anonymous said...

So much fun!!!
I'd sing another round!

Christy Franklin said...

ETA on the house? Kudo's to you. I probably would have had a mental breakdown by now. I don't live with rodents.

Photography said...

Oh too funny!!!

G said...

A great post! I have a friend who is considering living in a shed while the house gets built (am looking forward to the update)... perhaps I should send her here so she is prepared for the communal sleeping arrangements, potential possum and scooters! Georgie x

Glow said...

Rusty Fork! or Fusty Rork?

A Cajun Down Under said...

"Yeah Baby" LOL! I have embarrassed myself more times than I can count be getting to involved in a movie. So happy to hear I'm not the only one.