March 14, 2012

Kevin the Stick Insect

Just a little facebook chatter tonight. Enjoy!

FW: I'm hungry but there's a huge stick insect between me and the kitchen. What should I do?

Friend 1: Eat the insect.
39 minutes ago

FW: He's a bit bony....
39 minutes ago

Friend 1: Hurl a shoe at it.
38 minutes ago

Friend 2: Can't you walk around it? *shivers*
38 minutes ago

FW: I really want that cake in there.
38 minutes ago

FW: It's a stick insect on steriods. It's very big.
37 minutes ago

Friend 2: Eeewww how big is it? Yes I'm not a huge fan of insects - of any kind.
35 minutes ago

Friend 1: omigod stick insects creep me out *looks about the room for stick insects*
35 minutes ago

FW: It's frowning at me. It doesn't want me to get that cake. I can't believe my kids can pick these things up.
34 minutes ago

FW: I'll go get a pic for you...wait there.
34 minutes ago

Friend 1: Can they fly?? Oh my god if they can..what if it lands on your face???
34 minutes ago

FW: My kids pick them up by their backs. And their legs wobble around
33 minutes ago

Friend 1: You're making me twitch now lol
33 minutes ago

FW: I really really hate spiders though.....
32 minutes ago

Friend 3: Ewww.... kill it!
Cover in fly spray, chuck a shoe at it... anything!
Cake should win everytime!!!
32 minutes ago

FW: It wants me to go on a diet.
31 minutes ago

Friend 2: Eeww! You're giving me the shivers just imagining what you just described.
26 minutes ago

Friend 1: Holy crap you psycho! Give me a heart-attack!
9 minute ago

Friend 3: So did u do it? Who won? Did u get the cake?
7 minutes ago

FW: His name is Kevin.
5 minutes ago

FW: I threw hubbys tshirt over him and carried him outside and then I ate my chocolate cake. Now we are both happy!
A few seconds ago

Kevin is so nice, he deserves his own frame.


River said...

Are you sure he was alive? They don't usually lie on their backs like that.
I'm not at all afraid of these cuties. I like the way they'll watch you watching them, if you tilt your head to the side, they'll do the same. No, wait, that's praying mantises, I don't think they're the same creature. Damn, now I have to google...

Farmers Wifey said...

When I put him outside he seemed to be okay....I must remember to tilt my head at him the next time I see him just to find out what he does :)

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

Freaky little fellas, glad you went for the last option, even though that shot doesn't look too promising:(

Farmers Wifey said...

Hi Karla, he did actually walk away, believe it or not lol

Norlin said...

EEEEW! It was bad enough reading about it on FB now...I get to see the actual thing...ewwww!

Farmers Wifey said...

lol I knew YOU would appreciate this :)

kelley @ said...

I am pretty sure that Kevin is dead.


Farmers Wifey said...

OMG OMG OMG I didn't think of that. Now I'll have a dead undead zombie stick insect called Kevin to deal with..awesome.


Annette Piper said...

"It wants me to go on a diet" LOL, actually make that ROFL!!! (Obviously I can associate!!!)