April 24, 2009

G is for ...

I got this from http://www.saviabella.com/, she has assigned me the letter "G" and I am to write down my 10 favourite things beginning with this letter. Great stuff!

1. Girlie

My beautiful beagle Girlie, who left us on the 2nd April 2009. She was loyal and good and smart and I miss her so much.

2. Guitar

Yes I have one and yes it's covered in dust! My fabulous inlaws bought me a Martinez cutaway acoustic/electric left handed guitar, for my birthday last year. Which happened to be the month after my awesome concert with Brandi Carlile. So she sowed the seed of music in my brain, I got the guitar, and since moving to the farm, it has sat idle and lonely. I have to start playing and learning again, but I am so busy with my life that I don't seem to have the time. Dammit, it's coming out this week!

3. Green

My favourite colour. The colour that relaxes and inspires me. And it will be the colour of my new house and my bedroom. Not bright green that makes you gag, but just the right shade to suit.

I love peridot and malachite in jewellery, and also aventurine which I wore constantly during my holiday in America because it promotes safety and good adventures whilst travelling.

4. Good Sleep

This, I don't get enough of and it's my own fault. I am a night owl. Once the kids are settled and snuggled in bed, I should go too and get my good sleep but instead I watch tv, surf the net, write on my new blog! chat to friends online, watch dvds the list goes on. But I need to relax after busy days with the kids, hubbster and farmlife and this is what relaxes me.

Until the next morning when I wake up feeling groggy and cranky and unorganised. If, however I do have an early night which would be going to bed at 9.00pm, I feel better the next day. Tonight I think I will curl up with my new book Marley and Me and see if that makes a difference.

5. Garden

I love flowers and gardens, but I have this ability to kill off anything I plant. Doesn't matter if it's a flower in a pot or a palm tree in the ground, their lifespan is limited. Now I think my problem is time, again, I am so busy that the garden is the least of my concerns, because once the plants are in, I water them, but I don't ATTEND to them. You know, mulching, fertilising, pruning etc.

Now my mother is a true green thumb. Even under the tightest water restrictions in her town, her garden was the most beautiful in the street. So many flowers and bushes all different colours. She loves to "potter in the garden" and dammit, I want to potter in my own garden, and actually I want to grow some vegetables too, just easy ones to begin with.

It's very difficult right now because we don't even have a house, so we can't really put a garden in. But I really should make the time to replant some flowers in my terracota pots, and maybe even some herbs. Whoa I'm getting way ahead of my self. One step at a time, I should just make sure I keep watering Girlies poinciana tree, which in fact I HAVE been doing!

6. God I can dance

I did ballroom and latin dancing for several years when I was younger, and I always regret not taking it further. My partner at the time gave dancing away, and I lost interest, instead focusing more on being a teenager and chasing boys.

I represented my state in latin dancing and up until last year I loved my Tuesday night latin dance class, when some friends and I would salsa and cha cha our way to fitness. I am hoping the class restarts soon, as I find it so relaxing and invigorating.

7. Guilt (motherguilt)

I have this in spades. I always wanted to be a mother, the perfect mother actually. I would never yell, or smack, my child would sleep through the night and be super well behaved. I would stay at home all day baking delicious snacks whilst my cherub babe ga ga'ed on the playmat.

I actually can remember the exact time I decided that all I ever wanted to be was be a wife and mother. It was in grade 7 in high school, so I was perhaps 13 or 14 yrs old. I was outside in the sunshine, and I thought to myself "I can't wait to be a mum and a stay at home one at that". The memory is very clear to me.

So when it happened, it actually wasn't all roses at all. Sleepless nights, a baby with reflux who was very unsettled in the beginning, and feelings that I wasn't the perfect mother crept in. It was damn hard work, such a big responsibility. Why wasn't it all like my daydreams?

My mother guilt came from comparing myself to other mums, are they doing a better job than I am. Are their children better dressed or better behaved than mine are. What the fuck am I doing wrong, and what the hell am I comparing myself to other mothers for??

I am learning to accept that parenting is hard work and that actually I am doing a mighty fine job. My kids are sometimes well behaved, we can all go out to dinner without being in the news the next day, they are usually dressed appropriately (except Miss T who doesn't like to wear knickers) and they are healthy and happy. And funny and smart. I am really really blessed.

8. Grey Hairs

I found my first grey hair when pregnant with my first child. Now you'd think I would get one per child, which means I should have 3 grey hairs, but nooooooo, they are coming at a rate that sends me to the hairdresser every 6 to 8 weeks. I am sure it's from stress, I just blame the children! I remember when I had beautiful, long brown silky hair, nowadays I have to work on getting my hair looking neat. I'm sure age has something to do with it. I'll stop right there.

9. Ghoulish things

I love vampires, zombies and werewolves all in book or movie form. I love a scary movie, if I have my hands over my eyes I know it is a good one. I'm not into the slasher genre,where the cheerleader goes running through the forest, falls over then blah blah blah, but more clever horror such as 28 days later, 28 weeks later, 30 Days of Night, Shaun of the Dead (comedy plus!) but my favourite movie has to be From Dusk Til Dawn. Just a riot really.

10. I am Grateful for:

* my wonderful, patient long suffering hubbster
* my 3 blue eyed, beautiful, smart, energetic, frustrating children
* being part of a family
* having the chance to love two little beagles
* being a stay at home mum for now
* the chance to build our dream home
* having friends who care about me
* living on this farm and the warm sunshine on my face
* being healthy
* the rainy weekend mornings when I can snuggle in my bed and sleep in


savia said...

Thanks for letting me know you posted this, and thanks for playing along. It's a fantastic list. And by the way, I adore your blog template. Nice!!

Anonymous said...

This was neat!