April 27, 2009

We love Visitors

We had so much excitement in the shed today. We were expecting visitors. Just some people to look at the Hubbsters bike for sale, but you would have thought we were expecting the Queen, or Antonio Banderas (mummy dribbles) or even the yellow Wiggle, the way the kids were carrying on.

I wonder is it because we have been living out of town for (6 months tommorrow - yay I made it this far!) and the kids are maybe having withdrawl symptoms from society. Wait a minute, they go to school and kindy, so crap that idea. I think it's just that my poppets are very excitable, friendly and outgoing kids, and actually I love that about them. But try having a conversation with the visitors and this happens:-

Miss T takes Mr C's expensive train station to the tennis court and starts throwing it around, up and down, smash and smash.

Mr C shows the visitors all of his football shorts, his kicking style and his numerous missing teeth.

Miss D makes the visitors lots of pretty notes and fans to take home with them.

All kids attack the fridge and pour themselves, milk, orange juice and custard, because they know I am busy and I won't stop them. Little Devils.

They get so excited when we have guests, even if it is the builder, who by the way came out Friday, and man, do I like him! I love that he sits and has a cuppa tea, and that he reminds me of our old friend from way back (we haven't got his quote yet, so we'll see how I feel then!).

He really knows his stuff, and the more people we talk to, the more little snippets we find out about him, and they are all good. This week, we have to contact our man doing the plans and put a hurry up on him as the builder is waiting for the finalised plans so he can do our quote. So get the plans done, get the quote done, have a stiff drink when we see how much it will cost us to build to lock up. Take the Hubbster to the doctor to be stress evaluated and away we go!

Hopefully by Sept/Oct we will have a house built to look like a house but be unfinished inside. Then we can oh potter around and finish it in our own time. I may have hmmm, a bedroom and a verandah by Christmas and oh a kitchen would be nice but I'm not pushing my luck.

BTW a bit over two weeks ago, I stopped feeding Miss T (aged 4 but having tantrums the size of a 2 year old) biscuits, pretzels, in fact any thing with preservatives in them, to see if that calmed her down a bit. I have been making and baking (call me Martha Stewart, god I love her hair) muffins and cakes for the kids lunchboxes and I can honestly say, Miss T's behaviour has dramatically improved. We haven't had any midnight tantrums, except for the hair band incident at 11.30pm last week, and she has been almost a pleasure to have around. In fact, she is a pleasure because she is a great packer uppa, she is always is the first to help and is generally easier to get along with.

So our visitors have gone and now the kids are in their trashed room, packing away the toys and chaos that happened at 8am this morning. They are under duress of course, because really THEY DIDN'T DO IT. Sorry kids, that defence was used up years ago. Get to it.

One last thing before I go, and crap this is a long post, I have given up wine and am on day 7. Whatever.


Mayberry said...

My kids soooo do that whenever anyone comes over, or they see a neighbor from three houses away and yell exciting facts to them, or want to drag everything they own to school to show their teacher! It's very sweet TO ME but I hate to think how their "victims" feel about it...

Farmers Wifey said...

Yes we have a car full of "stuff" that they show people then leave there for me to sort out!!!