May 14, 2009

Night from Hell, so what's new.

I had a night from hell last night. Mothers will know these nights by how wrecked they feel in the morning. It all started off fine but soon disolved into crap. Utter crap. It went a bit like this:-

We put Miss T (aged 4) to bed at her usual time of 7.30pm, and my son and I layed on the lounge and watched some uninteresting show on tv. Soon we were both asleep by 8pm. It's time for an early night, farmerswife thinks. (as I am a nightowl, 8.45pm is an extremely early night).

Everyone else was asleep as I slid deliciously into my cosy king sized bed, which cost us $2500 (crazy price at the time) but is worth every cent and more. I drifted off into a calm deep sleep until I woke at 11.30pm with the mother of all migraine headaches, enough to glue my head to the pillow (where TF did that come from?).

On my left was the hubbster, sound asleep and snoring like a freight train (he finds this hilariously funny when I say this, I just want to punch him out) right in my ear. And on my left, in the kids section of the bedroom, as we are all sharing because we don't have a house (yet) was Miss T crying, twitching, kicking her blankets off, snorting and sniffling.

Every time the hubbster has to work early, it's either a kid wakes up and plays up or the dog moans, barks and kicks her dish around, waking him in the process which is not good. I tried to calm down Miss T, but she wouldn't have it. No, to mummy lay down with you. No, to mummy fix your blankets up.

I finally settled her, and resumed my horizontal position and waited for the codeine to kick in. An hour later we repeated the process, with mummy trying to stay calm, which got harder as the night progressed. Finally after about 8 rounds of this, I felt like saying to her "Go to sleep or I'll put you in the friggin tennis court" but instead I said "Go to sleep and I'll buy you a chocolate tommorrow".

This worked and 10 minutes later, the hubbster woke to go to work, and Miss T went into a deep sleep. Guess who wouldn't get out of bed later on because she was tired. Hmm.

We were both so tired today, that we climbed into bed at 11am, I scratched her back and she was out to it. As was I.

While she was sleeping, I decided to make my lunch. I made this.

Then I whipped up some of these little beauties for the kids afternoon tea.

More choc bits Farmerswife!!

Cuppa tea anyone???


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain about the freight train sounding husbands...I am actually considering having my own room...on the opposite side of the house!!! (Lynda :-)

Mayberry said...

That looks like a delicious way to make up for the bad sleep!

(I myself got "I have to go potty" at 3:11 a.m. It is very hard for a preschooler to aim correctly at 3:11 a.m.)

Jonathan H said...

More often than not I'm *glad* I'm single, as there is no partner to wake me with snores or other body functions. Cats are a different story. The "hutzpah" cat doesn't hesitate one iota to walk across my face -- logging about a mile each night -- when he thinks I should be up to feed him and his "brother". Never have I seen a cat with so strong a personality.

But I digress...

The afternoon tea things looked wonderful. We don't do that here. I would lobby the U.S. Government to make siestas *and* afternoon teas mandatory. With all places of business closed for at least three hours.

Anonymous said...

I completely understand your pain. This is what makes us great Mom's. And makes us want to overdose on pills and drown ourselves while bathing....did I go a little too far? :-)

I'd love for you to post the recipe to those little cookie things.

Also, I have to say that it tickles me to "know" someone that has afternoon tea. I love having tea in the evening...maybe I'll start calling it my "afternoon tea". My kids would love me if I made them afternoon tea! I shall try it. :-)

Farmers Wifey said...

The kids are so starving when they get home from school, it's nice for them to have a little snack before they run around. Then they have tea or dinner at 6pm. They are VERY happy when we have these chocolate muffins for afternoon tea!

helloally said...

aaaahhh codeine more importantly mercyndol (night strength) ...become a fan lol

on a more important note tho the piccies but theres no recipe beside the step by step pics! huh...