May 13, 2009

To be thankful for..

I have been thinking lately of the people who are in my life, as permanent fixtures or the type who come and go but leave a lasting imprint on me. I probably don't say it enough, so here's a thank you to:- (the list may get silly, I'm in that kinda mood today...)

* my long suffering hubbster (you know who you are, and I'm not surprised you don't pack up and hide for 3 days during PMT time, ditto to the kids)

*my 3 energetic, noisy, funny, smart, sometimes annoying but mostly wonderful, normal kids - you guys made me a mother..

*my family, who I miss so much and wish I could see every day

*my inlaws - who welcomed me as a googly eyed 20 year old girlfriend to their only son. Who never made me feel uncomfortable when serving me breakfast after "spending the night". And who, whilst in charge of my late fathers will, made the most painful time of my life, just a little bit easier.

* my friends in realspace and cyberspace, from all areas of my life, you are very important to me. You know who you are, go on, give yourselves a pat on the back!

* the man who nearly hit me with his car yesterday.... for not hitting me with his car as I was crossing the road and not concentrating or looking left, right, left... I thought the hubbster (sitting in our car) was going to faint as it all unfolded...

* the helpful, cheery salesgirl in the bra shop who fitted me and sold me the most sexy strapless bra to wear under this hot dress for the races.

* the friendly girls in the newsagency here, who welcome us in every day without fail, and chat away to my kids making newspaper shopping so pleasant.

* the equally friendly local takeaway shop staff who make the best fish and chips and have made me enjoy crumbed fish again.

* my childrens teachers at school and kindy, for looking after my most valued treasures

* the parents of Antonio Banderas for the obvious.

* anyone involved in the series Supernatural for making me drool lustfully every Monday night.

* the talent gods who gave me the ability to dance and the determination to play guitar.

* my beagles for giving me so many years of love and devotion (and stress when they nearly ate the pedigree chickens next door *farmerswife shudders at the memory*)

* the man who waved me into the traffic line the other day, how courteous!

* the makers of childrens Panadol, colour free of course!

* my new blogging friends who send me comments! (oh farmerswife you can't say that,) and who read my blog. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

Nice job. I really want to learn to play the guitar. I know I could pick up on it easy. Maybe I will take lessons when both girls get into school...

SK said...

Supernatural is my current favourite series. This season with the angels and demons is excellent. Can't wait to see what happens.

Jonathan H said...

Well of course, Michelle, we're grateful for you too! Funny how people can become close from all over the world thanks to the internet.

Okay, I gotta' go pat myself on the back some more. LOL!

And also to think of something to say in my *own* blog!

diana onorio funk said...

i love being your new bloggy friend from halfway 'round the world! that dress rocks, BTW!

katef - said...

Great list... and oooh great dress! Am a tad dress obsessed as a self confessed jeans only wearer I am shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding.. eek!