July 3, 2009

Never thought I'd say I love Hannah Montana

Miss D's little friend invited her on a movie date to see Hannah Montana-The Movie. So we went along with every other tween in the city. Her friends mum didn't stay for the movie, but as I am an overbearing, neurotic, worrysome mum, and since she is only 8 years old, I decided to stay. And sit through Hannah Montana.

As we lined up, I was told not to walk with them or sit with them. My daughter didn't want to be "associated" with her mother. Another mum burst out laughing and said "wait til they are twelve, they will want you to just drop them off". So we walked in, with me several paces behind.

Once in the cinema, I "had" to sit in the row behind the girls. I smiled at how grown up they were being. The cinema was hardly full, in fact there were rows and rows of seats vacant. Now you know what I am going to say now. Yes it happened. Remember my previous post about how anal I am when it comes to my cinema experience, and how it pisses me off when someone sits next to me?

Well, in a cinema full of empty seats, this woman and her two daughters come in - late - and *smirk* sit in my row. NOT ONLY IN MY ROW but in the friggin seats next to me! WTF we were sharing an arm rest, with 60 vacant seats STILL VACANT. Do I attract these people?? Do I smell good or something? Why are these people invading my personal space?

So I said to the mother "I am waiting for someone" and she moved. One seat up. That's all I'm gonna get. So I settled down to sit through what I thought would be a chore, but you know what? I totally enjoyed the movie! Lots of country music, a wholesome story, a cute cowboy as a love interest, which reminds me when he first came on screen on his horse, the teenage girls behind me yelled out "well helloooo...." Totally funny stuff.

So I have come to appreciate Hannah Montana because of the following:

- Miley Cyrus has the best teeth I have ever seen
- Rascal Flatts sang in the movie
- there was lots of great country music, and cowboy hats and horses
- Billy Ray Cyrus has still got it. Yes, I'm a mullet lover.
- my girl loved the movie and if she's happy, then I'm happy
- she now has something else to obsess about
- I have heaps of ideas for Christmas and Birthday gifts for her, as long as it has to do with Hannah Montana
- the movie made me feel young again
- it also made me want to pick up my guitar

It also made me think of what it will be like when my eldest daughter turns 12. Or 13. How grown up she will be and how many wonderful experiences await her. She is hanging out already to go to the movies or shopping by herself, to have girls nights out (god forbid) and I suppose to meet that special boy. It's natural but scary for me as a mother that she is growing up so fast. But at the same time, I am so excited for her. The world awaits...


helloally said...

it was the parties between 15 & 17 that i was and will be soon wary of... :s

Unknown said...

Hey there...I took the kids today and met K there with her three girls...I totally loved the movie..in fact I think they all did (Karrie especially)...she wants the CD now so she can learn the line dance song (the boom boom clap one)....haha I can see a fad here also!

K said...

you're the 2nd blogger mom to say you like Hannah Montana, so I'm going to have to check her out. I like this post a lot for how you review the entire experience!

Foursons said...

We too like Hannah. Although I don't know how I know that with a house full of boys.

Which is another thing I'm thankful for. They stay little boys longer then girls stay little girls.

Also, those people who sat right next to you? OMG! What the heck is wrong with people?! Do they let you take a tazer into the theater? Oh wait, that may embarrass your daughter and you wouldn't want to do that.

Erin said...

Aww watching your little girl grow up is amazing huh?

I always seem to attract those people who want to sit right on top of you at the movies too!

What is wrong with some people?

Journo June aka MamaBear said...

I'm sorry, but anyone who leaves an 8yo child ALONE in a movie theater ought to be reported for child neglect. What a perfect opportunity for a pedophile! "Let's see whose mother is STUPID enough to leave their children without adult supervision." You staying is not neurotic or overworrying, it's being a parent!

I don't think my kids ever went to a movie without a parent or other responsible adult until they were teens. And they have never ONCE asked me to pretend I wasn't with them. My daughter even once told me she's never been embarrassed by us. ;-)
Path to Health

Nikkers said...

I'm going to be heading off to see Hannah Montana in the school holidays. Unexpectedly my XY7 is a fan - more to do with the music and cheesy humour than hormones though, I think. It's good to know it won't be a painful experience - unless some halfwit invades my personal space and sits on the seat next to me!!!

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