February 25, 2010

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2.) Brea from
Tomika’s Treasure Trove wants your advice: Quick question. I am new to the blogging world, having clocked up less than 2 weeks worth of posts, and I have just had an ‘Anonymous’ commenter slam me for blogging about my daughter, mentioning her by name, posting photos and up-to-date stories about her. I have not mentioned anywhere in my blog where we live, Country OR State, or what school she goes to. I have also seen, on several other blogs, that other parents do the same thing as me. Some even mention where they live. I was wondering, as a fellow blogger who posts about your family, what are your thoughts on the subject?

I've been thinking alot about this subject for a while now. How to find the right balance in what I post to my blog.

Do I share everything, pictures, anecdotes, family news and other information, or do I keep some things under my hat? I originally started my blog to document our journey from suburbia to farmlife, and I thought I would be posting lots of building pics and information along those lines.

My blog has become much more than that. It is an outlet for me to vent my frustrations, to dream, to relive my day and most of all to document my life. But. I struggle with HOW MUCH information to share.

I don't feel comfortable posting photos of my kids and The Hubbster doesn't want to be in my blog either (he doesn't, however, know about the pic on the RHS - sshhhhh!). I do write about my family, but the pics are scarce.

I adore seeing my bloggy friends and their families, and I wish I could also be like that. I know my blog is in the public forum, so I do feel that I should share more....but I just don't feel it is right for me. And that brings me to a very important point.

Do what is best for you. Everyone is different, and I respect what other people do regarding their blogs and how much they share. I respect that, and I hope that other people appreciate what I do with my blog and how I style it.

It all comes down to what you think is right for you. Only you can decide.


Amanda said...

I love pictures so its hard for me to not have any on my blog....but I try to keep the pics of my niece and god daughters off because they are about 5 years old. My boyfriend doesn't care if there are photos of him on my blog. But I agree, there is a fine line and I think its up to the person to decide what to post and what not to post!

Unknown said...

Amen! I won't judge anyone else's decision when it comes to revealing THEIR personal information. It's their information...who am I to make that decision for them? My choice is to keep it scarce, yet familiar. It's so hard NOT to write about my kids that it's bound to happen anyway :) Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way!

Unknown said...


Thanks for choosing this prompt to write about.

As I am reading through the replies I am forming a pretty good picture in my head of which way to go.

I appreciate the time you have taken to help, and your kind comments on my blog.

Thank you.

Danielle said...

Very well said. And never, ever let someone who is such a coward as to comment as "anonymous" bring you down!

Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud said...

Nicely written. This is proving to be a very popular prompt and rightly so. It's a hot topic among bloggers. I personally chose to publish photos and disclose first names on my blog. My husband and children are very specific as to what they're not comfortable with me publishing and I respect that. I also respect your decision to remain a little more private. To each her own. It's unfortunate that anonymous commentors have the audacity to go out of their way to just be downright rude. They're definitely not worth the time!
Great post! I'd love for you stop by and take a look at my post. I chose to write about why I'm so much better off without Diastasis Symphysis Pubis in my life.

Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

Domestic Diva's Corner said...

great post. Thank you for stopping by.I put seriouse thought into wether or not to post pics and all. I decided that i do enjoy putting up the pics of my family and all the stories. I was concerned at first but i came to realize that there are freaks so to speak at ingles and i stand a better chance of something happening there if that makes since.i hope you have a great day

Raine said...

I think that is the perfect advice. Well said!

Christine Macdonald said...

You're so cool. :)

I love this, thank you!

Unknown said...

I have to agree - it is a personal choice. I tend to follow the obfuscate on request and otherwise expose since our kids are adult and the other people that show up can be identified just by context.

zombies man... zombies. said...

I really like that you are so confident with your choice. That's important with something like this.
I worry about what I should write all the time.

Stu Pidasso said...

it is a fine balance, isn't it? I, too , want to put it out there, but don't wan tto expose my family if they prefer to be anonymous.

Los said...

I don't share much about my family ... certainly not specific names, but I'll share stories with "aliases." I guess if I had kids, I'd probably not share pics or too much info on the blogosphere.

Erin said...

Perfect advice....gotta do what's right for YOU. And it works!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy seeing different pics - but you are so right - you've got to do what's right for you xx

Ms. G said...

Yes, you are right. Every family has there own comfort level and reasons for their decision. Believe me, I have a pic I would Love to post of my daughters,but I am telling some personal stories at my blog, so our privacy is important. I can't imagine why anyone would slam someone for what is their personal business. If the point was so important to anonymous why didn't they stand behind it?

Anonymous said...

Nicely put!