March 14, 2010


I have a lot to get through so stay with me people. I have a busy couple of days coming up so I'm doing one big post here to keep you guys going for a while..I'll probably be back around Wednesday.

I've just realised that I missed my one year blogging anniversary and now feel like a fraud. Shouldn't I do a spiffy giveaway or have a big post about me me me? I totally forgot about it, but you can congratulate me if you want! And I can say thankyou for being part of the Farmers Wife universe and for making me feel really special...xx

First up, my husband found this little fella while out mowing the grass yesterday:-

"I am a Burtons legless lizard. I am not a snake. See the shape of my snout is pointy like a pencil, that is how you tell I'm not a snake. I am harmless so please don't hurt me."

Repeat after me people "This is a legless lizard, this is not a snake. There is a difference". We let him go back in the grass to enjoy the rest of his day.

I love a good bargain. It makes me happy when I find one. I should have made this number 11 on my Happy list recently. Yesterday we were out shopping and I wanted to buy Mr C some trading cards. He really wanted some Yu-Gi-Oh cards but at $20.00 a pack I said "keep walking buddy".

We went across to another shop and found this absolute gem- a discontinued tin with several packs of Ben 10 cards for $2.00, and another pack of Ben 10 Alien Force cards reduced to $2.00. So for the grand total price of $4.00 we bought all of this:-

Mr C is impressed and extremely happy because he is obsessed with Ben 10. So for $4.00 everyone's happy.

I am looking forward to pancaking a tutu this week. I shall post pics to show you exactly how it's done. The dance festival is in two weeks and Miss D is very excited and I am very nervous as she is doing her first two solos in classical ballet and jazz. I can't wait to watch all the girls dancing, it is really very exciting!

The kids had the dress up box out this morning as it's still pissing rain (aussie term for enough already), and of course Mr C dressed up as Ironman, as he is into Marvel comics at the moment. He's such a boy! Anyway, I had to dress up as the bad guy, and I'm getting a bit offended at always having to play the bad guy.

me:- "Why do I always have to be the bad guy? I want to be the good guy".

Mr C:- "No mum, you HAVE to be the bad guy. Your'e the mother."

I just put on my mask and shut up.


Kellyansapansa said...

Wow, I'm impressed that you stayed calm enough to differentiate between a legless lizard and a snake. I would have been running in the other direction!

TheThingsIdTellYou said...

That lizard is kind of beautiful, isn't he? So sleek, I love him.

Kelly said...

ooo, loving the look of your blog. You go girl. I would have mistaken it for a snake! It's a cute little thing

Kakka said...

I am sure there are lots of poor legless lizards that get the chop before people realise. We had a baby tiger snake in our backyard, it was an aggressive little blighter too. Have no idea how it got here (we live in suburbia) and unfortunately we had to kill it as it wouldn't let us catch it so we could release it later.

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary!!!!!!
that little thing still creaps me out!
see you when you are back :)

Foursons said...

Happy Blogoversary!

I love a good deal too. Almost better than you know what.

Ms. G said...

Congratulations!! And I'm dying to know what pancaking a tutu is but I'm going out of town Wednesday so I'll have to wait! Here I have three girls & none of them would take dance so I'm clueless

jeanie said...

Happy Blogiversary!!!

Melissa B. said...

Happy Blogoversary! I'm sure that's what that squirmy critter would say, if he/she could talk...

Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said...

Happy Blogoversary! It has been "pissing" rain here for several days, too. I'm so so sick of it!!

Terri said...

Happy Blogoversary! I remember when you started...remember, I used to be "incredible unorganized mom!" Boy, I sure proved that this last year! ;-)

Love the lizard! My husband wouldn't have touched it though. He's a big "guys guy" but he hates snakes! Even though it's not a snake, it would have looked close enough like one for him to run!

dusty earth mother said...

Hey! Thanks for the visit to my blog! I'm loving yours, bling bling, and I am going to follow. Thanks again.

Rachel said...

Happy Blogoversary! How exciting!

And I must go check out your dance posts (former classical ballet commpany dancer here :)

And sorry... I totally would have called that a snake. Either one would have made me scream and run (I don't harm them, I just don't prefer them in the house :)

And congrats on your great deal! I love it when that happens!

helloally said...

LMAOOOOOOOOOO @ "i just put on my mask and shut up" LOL seriously after that comment what on earth could u say bahahahah funny as michelle!

congratulations on ur anniversary of blogging! awesome!!

luv ya have a great windy weekend ;)

im off to have a friendly ahem not with the friggen pegs!!

News From Our Nest said...

Wow. I got a little numb in my fingers when I saw that snake picture. I'm sorry "legless lizard" aka my new greatest fear. And yet I can't look away.. you are one brave lady!