July 28, 2010

Another day

It's raining today, so that is my excuse to sit at the computer and drink tea and eat chocolate biscuits. I have this week off work so I am not doing alot, although there is lots to do, but I'm just being kind to myself. I really just want to stay home by myself...

I suppose my posts over the next few weeks will be peppered with references to my little one..so please stay with me.

I must tell you what happened a couple of weeks ago. Miss D (aged 9) was due to do her Grade 3 Ballet and National exams, we had kept her under cotton wool for weeks, because this was a very important day for her.

The day before the exam, she decided to ride her bike around the property, but 10 minutes later she came running and screaming to me with....blood all over her face, blood running down both arms, and a look of horror on her face..

She had come off her bike, and skidded on the gravel on her front. Her chin, chest and belly and both arms were gravel rashed........I thought about grabbing the camera for a quick pic for my blog, but that's not very motherly so I dashed her to accident and emergency instead.

She had one elbow glued and steri stripped back together, and the other areas dressed. She was so worried about her exam the next day, but being a tough little trooper she did the exam and she got HONOURS! I am so proud of her.....

I had a couple of hours to spare last night as Miss D was at dancing. I decided to browse in Kmart to fill in the time. I first went to the kids clothing section to see if there was anything I could buy. I bought Miss D some cute underwear as she has been so good lately, not unlike a few weeks ago when she turned into the Tween From Hell.

I then went across to the baby section, I just couldn't help myself. I looked at the tiny clothes, and the little baby rattles and the cute baby singlets, and the prams and carseats, all that I had looked at a few weeks ago. The only difference was that I was pregnant back then and had a purpose for looking. This time I was just drawn there to add to my depressed mood I had yesterday.

I was so down yesterday that I even cried and cried at the "made for tv midday movie" Yesterday's Children, and when I found out it was based on a true story, that only made me feel worse.

So anyway back to today. I left the baby section, and went across to the ladies clothing. I looked at some gym clothes, and reminded myself that I have to get fit again, as I know when I am fit, my emotional and mental state is good. And I really really want to be happy this Christmas.

Then I went across to the book section, and I can easily stand for an hour looking at books. I came across this book, Small Miracles and had read half of it while standing there, so I thought I'd had better buy it, so I am reading it atm and it is really helping me.

I am thinking of becoming involved with the Bonnie Babes Foundation as a way of healing myself, and at the same time helping others. I did look into it before but didn't go any further. Perhaps, now, the time is right..


Cheeseboy said...

I think that is absolutely terrific that she could be wounded one day and do so well the net. Kudos to her!

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

Poor little Miss D. :( Glad she was able to take her tests and do well on them in spite of things.

I did the same thing at Walmart. I was inexplicably drawn to the baby section, but it killed me at the same time. I think it's part of the grieving process for a lot of women.

As far as the Bonnie Babes...I think that's a great idea. You may be able to help someone else, but I think you'll be able to start to heal from it, too.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.

Rachel said...

Oh my - that picture speaks volumes! So glad she was able to dance!

(Part of our ballet contract entailed agreeing not to ride bikes, ski, or ride horseback).

It's such a reversal to be in stores and facing baby things... I knew when struggling with infertility and after my sister lost her daughter. Prayers that Bobbie Babes will be healing to you if that is what you're meant to do.

Diminishing Lucy said...

The Bonnie Babes thing - helped me no end.

And well done to your daughter - what an absolute trouper!

Kakka said...

Well done little Miss D - honours with all those war wounds - you are a little trooper indeed. I would definitely give the Bonnie Babes a go, what a wonderful and generous thing to do when you are grieving yourself. xxx