September 19, 2010

Great news today

Miss D and I survived Eisteddfod Groups Day was a huge success. Shall post photos soon, but a quick rundown of results are:

Ballet - 1st place

Contempory - 1st place

National = 1st place

Jazz - 2nd place and

Cabaret - 1st I proud much?? You bet!!!!

Today I have some exciting news. The Aussie Bloggers Conference is happening....It is the first ever blogging conference focusing on the mum, parenting and personal blogging communities of Australia!

Of course I am going....I have airfares to book, accomodation to book, my conference ticket to organise and I have to tell my husband!!

Actually The Hubbster knows I am going (March 2011) so I have given him enough time to get used to the idea of feeding and clothing the kids for a weekend while I'm away!

I am very excited and I am looking forward to meeting these amazing women who share my passion for blogging......did I mention the dinner and dance (and alcohol) after the conference and the view of Sydney Harbour from my hotel room??

Am I excited much?


Tina said...

Yay!! it's going to be great!

fromsophiesview said...

Blogging ain't that gonna be fun! Wish I could show up...seriously! You'll have a ball(not mine though)..wink wink!

Anonymous said...

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