November 29, 2010

Random because that's the way I roll

Bringing to you another random post full of excitement and wonder...

I just wanted to name and shame our internet provider (skymesh, if you're reading, you suck) for constant bad service, ridiculous reasoning as to why we have constant dropouts and poor signal. I am totally over not being able to receive reliable internet connection, but you are all we have at the moment so I guess we either just pay our account and shutup or disconnect and have no internet.

So I'll just pay. Sigh.

Is it just me or is anyone completely over this year? I am so tired and am looking forward to school finishing and the dance concert to be over. The last week of school involves dance practice every afternoon so it will be full on...the concert will be so worth it though.

We are doing Alice in Wonderland and our concert is titled "Wonderland". Both Miss D (aged 9) and Miss T (aged 5 and in her very first concert!) are performing and I am super excited. Miss D is the March Hare and has a legitimate excuse for acting the goat. Or the hare.

I will be breathing a sigh of relief on Sunday 12th December as we will only then have Christmas and the kids birthdays to deal with. This year has gone so fast and I am not as organised as I usually am.

The best thing about the end of the year, is the beginning of the next, something I truly love. A new year, new beginnings, new chances to focus on the things that matter. I love getting the booklists ready for the new school year, and the anticipation that comes with starting afresh.

I don't, however enjoy covering the huge volume of books needed and will perhaps be outsourcing the job this year. That or drinking way too much wine to cope with the stress of sticky contact.

We were well and truly floored this year when we lost a beloved baby - a surprise but very wanted none the less.....the experience drew us in, sucked us dry and threw us back in the mix. I'm still not over it and don't think I ever will be. Good days versus bad days, that's the way it is.

I want to walk straight again, have the status quo ante restored. I am sure that will come with the arrival of January 1st. I plan to get things in order, find my motivation again and enjoy what life has to offer.

And lastly, we had a little spider and a medium sized frog in the shower the other night. Miss T (aged 5) commented "we have wild animals in there".


sevencherubs said...

I am so ready for the holidays - bring them on - and I just adore the 'wild animals' quote!

A Farmer's Wife said...

The wild animal concept is gorgeous. It is amazing the variety of creatures that make their way into our farm house too.

I hope 2011 is a wonderful year for you.

Alannah said...

after covering books for fourteen years, (or delegating the job to my mum,) I will be ordering covers for the books, which come in exercise book size, A4 and scrapbook size, and are around $1each. Much less hassle, and well worth the price! Only two kids with books to cover, and in 2011 will have two in primary school and only one in high school! Prep, Year 2 and Year 12!!!!!! smiles.

Mrs Woog said...

I am so over this year it is not even funny. I think I blogged about it recently, but I am so tired I cannot remember xo

Diminishing Lucy said...

That pain? It will get better, I promise.

Hugs to you. xx

Glow said...

Thank you for talking so openly about miscarriage. It's still a taboo and I don't understand why - we need to talk about these things and support each other.

I'm very ready for Jan 1st! I've had so many life milestones in one year that I'm exhausted.

Be careful of those wild animals in your bathroom :P

Glowless x

P.S. Thanks for entering the comp, see you in Sydney!