January 1, 2011

Battle of the Blogger Butts

For the last month or so I've been thinking about fitness - or my lack thereof - and pondering what to do about it.

You see, when I was pregnant in the middle of last year, I put some weight on..and I haven't lost that weight. And I"ve not been too worried about it - until now.

I think being a busy blogger has added to my blogger butt blowout - I could possibly even have a butt imprint on my couch. Oh the shame.....

Three years ago I hit the gym in a big way. I lost alot of weight, I looked and felt fantastic, I felt happy and I felt strong.

In fact, I'd never felt or looked better. We moved to the farm, away from the gym and I slowly stopped going.

I've had a couple of false starts along the way, but now I am ready to get serious! And I've been wondering how I could get that mindset back, as I struggle with motivation and need the support of others - and I need goals to help me achieve what I want to..

And now two things have happened. The first is the Aussie Bloggers Conference that I am attending in March. What a great goal to work towards..to lose weight and gain my fitness back to look trim and gorgeous! at the conference while meeting all of my new bloggy friends.

And the second thing has come in the form of my new friendship with Naomi from Seven Cherubs. We were chatting online the other day and as we have so much in common, we started talking about our weightloss and fitness goals and came up with the idea of a challenge.

Both Naomi and I love a bit of healthy competition so we have called it our:-

Battle of the Blogger Butts

We are challenging each other to lose 5 % of our body weight before the conference in 11 weeks. It's a realistic goal....and I am so happy and relieved that I have found a buddy to motivate and challenge me.

Naomi is truly amazing and I feel like I have known her forever. I can't wait to meet her in person at the conference where we both will be totally hot mamas!!!!

I've weighed myself today and my starting weight is 70.5 kg.

So my 5% goal is 66.9 kg. I am hoping to get down to 65 kg.

Naomi and I plan to share our journey with you, our challenge and our achievements.

Why not join in the fun..the more the merrier. Or in this case, the less is best!!!

And remember, we are looking at overall fitness and healthy eating - a lifestyle change for the better!


Dreaming said...

I'm in on the challenge! My clothes are all feeling a bit restrictive - time to shave off a few!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I read about this on Naomis blog. Very inspiring, how do you join up?

Diminishing Lucy said...

Oooh! Top idea! I shall be reading with interest!

sevencherubs said...

You are awesome and you have a big head start on me with your starting weight - I am going to have to work really hard to catch you!! hee! hee! looking forward to the journey and the awesome feeling we will have at the end. Go for it :) Naomi x

E. said...

Good Luck to you both! And don't forget to have fun alogn the way.

Tina ~ tina gray dot me said...

Good luck to you both! x

Farmers Wifey said...

Okay ladies, Naomi and I have had some interest from lots of bloggers wishing to participate, thank you so much and we look forward to the challenge with you!

I will post later today with some guidelines to make it easy for you to connect with us xx

Corrie said...

yay! I love it! definitely signing up! I have 10kgs to lose and am doing biggest loser meal replacements, they really work for me and are so filling I don't really think about snacking (which is my biggest problem!)

look forward to meeting you at the bloggers conference!


Nat said...

Congratulations! I have chosen your blog to receive 'The Stylish Blog' award. If you would like to accept this award please follow the link below. http://nats-natterings.blogspot.com/2011/01/stylish-blogger-award.html

Anonymous said...

Great idea!
I'm having a private month of weight removal from holiday and Christmas... it must leave this body!

Anonymous said...

Count me in on the battle!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Farmer's Wifey -- I have posted my first Saturday BBB blog...can I link it here? Not sure how we'll all link up but I am looking forward to hearing about other bloggers' plans!

Torkona said...

blogger butts hey.. when i first saw this headline, I thought "why is she talking about cigarette butts" im just a bit slow :-)

(comment by mysterious Torkona award reviewer) hehehe