January 1, 2012

Let's get this year rockin!

A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month (year).....

We started our day with two hours of sitting by the car, waiting for a green tree snake (we think) to move from his hiding space in the car engine.

He didn't move.

He liked the vibrations of the car engine when we turned it on, and even when poked (gently) with a stick to get some action, he went to sleep.

I'm hoping he comes out tonight to hunt and leaves my car alone.

I'm hoping..........

We then enjoyed brunch of eggs, and smokey ham and toast and mushrooms (them not me).

The kids had a swim and it was a nice eventful day.

So back to the snake. We think it is the same one I nearly stepped on, while walking through the shed on Christmas Day.

I didn't blog about that, lest scaring my overseas readers from ever visiting our dangerous Australia!

We also think this snake skin is his!

He's obviously happy in his fancy new skin.

In my car engine.


I can't believe the kids go back to school in just over 3 weeks! Where has the time gone?

Christmas done. New Year done.

Book lists not done as yet.

But I do have my new calendar ready to be updated.

I love this. It's the only thing that keeps my year organised.

It has spaces for The Hubbster and I, and the 3 kids. I write EVERYTHING there, and it helps me stay on top of things.

The Hubbster and I weighed ourselves this morning, ready for our health and fitness challenge.

As of today I weigh 71.7 kilos. The Hubbster weighed in with his boots on, so I scolded him and he'll check in again tommorrow.

I plan to update every Sunday, as I did with the Battle of the Blogger Butts last year.

And I am very determined!


Mum on the Run said...

Same to you. No returns.

Never mind our international visitors, you are scaring ME!!
You will just have to get a new car, I'm afraid.
So now you have me scared to swim in my pool and scared to drive my car.
What is next?
Please don't go down the 'toilet route'.


Kelly said...

Thanks Michelle! This looks great! xxx

Kelly said...

Oh, and FREAK ME OUT about the snake!

Farmers Wifey said...

OH Lovely, we only have frogs in the toilet. So far.....:)

Kelly, I know hey!!!

Posh Totty said...

Happy New Year Xx

Farmers Wifey said...

Happy New Year to you too!!!!!

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Eek I no like snakes nor frogs in the toilet ...we have the latter .

Alannah said...

I hate snakes....how did you know he was in there in the first place? Looks like some more blogger butts again....very good. Trouble is my goal is make(and taste test) macarons this year! A

Annette Piper said...

Oooh, we're the same weight... maybe its a sign I actually have to DO something about it!? Has the snake gone yet!??? (I really freak out at snakes...)

Norlin said...

So has the snake left yet? Or still chilling out in your car's engine?

As for can't believe kids are starting school bit..I can't believe I'm going back to work tomorrow ALREADY!!

Farmers Wifey said...

We saw the snake disapearing from under the seat of the tractor, and The Hubbster (to my horror) suggested it could be in the engine of the car.

I hope he's gone now.....hunting elsewhere - the snake, not The Hubbster