November 10, 2009

Beautiful Ava

Beautiful Ava.

Yesterday I found this amazing website, and I implore you to make a cuppa tea, sit for a moment and enjoy the photography that takes pretty to soaring heights, and love and heartache into your soul.

Click to enlarge.

The beautiful Ava was lost...but she is here in pictures, and stories and the love of her family.

I haven't stopped thinking about this - and how life is to be cherished and not a minute should be wasted. I have been looking at my children, just appreciating them. Trying not to waste a moment.

From reading these stories, I have realised that the little things count. The tiny, daily, perhaps even insignificant little moments that are sometimes rushed through during the school rush chaos...take a minute, enjoy every breath.

Thank you Ava for making me realise that every moment counts.

Beautiful Ava.


Liz Mays said...

Oh yes, let us not take our beautiful children for granted. :)

helloally said...

michelle when my daughter was working in a cupcake/coffee shop in brissy the people who used to own it was somehow (i soo cant remember) with this family... the owner of the shop handmade all of the cupcakes in the store ..they named one "ava" and on their blog was the story of the cupcake named ava :( .... it was a big seller too ...
awwwwww thanks for sharing :)

Sheye Rosemeyer said...

Thank you so much Michelle.
Love Sheye & Family. xx

Anonymous said...

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