September 14, 2010

Take a breath Farmers Wifey

Could my life get much busier? I could always get a full time job and then I'd be completely screwed.

I thought I'd bring you my "two weeks of hell on a stick that I should be enjoying" or "stuff that makes me drink too much wine" just to prove how busy I am.

I'll post in point form and remember people - some on this list I have done, some I have yet to do, and some I have done three times.

I'll date it from last Wed to next Wed which should be two weeks, which sounds like it's only one week but it's really two if you read the fine print...

football training


play practice for Miss D's musical

dress rehearsal for Miss D's musical

3 kids dental appointment

last game of football for Mr C

football presentation

apply, remove and apply nail polish to both daughters nails

embarass Miss D (aged 9) on numerous occasions by actually doing nothing

drink wine on the deck of The Money Pit with The Hubbster watching the sunset

threaten Miss D if she doesn't put her hat on at the football presentation, I will stand next to her at the jumping castle (see above re embarrass)

have sex with The Hubbster

chase dressmaker re Miss D's new dance costume

run around at the last minute to buy a present for a kids birthday party

break up numerous fights between the kids involving blocks, barbies and basketball

second visit back to the dentist for one kid to have 2 small fillings (oh the horror)

attend Miss D's school musical

refuse to pay $50.00 for a flimsy, fluffy hair and makeup box for the Eisteddfod, and instead buy a $20.00 fishing tackle box that is perfect, and pat myself on the back for thinking outside the square

go to a kids birthday party

treatment on Miss D's bum length hair so I can actually get a comb through it

take Mr C to Auskick

realise he's obsessed with football

kid wrangle 3 kids while sorting out dance costumes at the dance shop

have sex with The Hubbster as we forgot before

attend one kids' school Environmental Display

carry a dead chicken up the back of the property and throw it onto an ant hill

have a mammogram

walk the boundary of the property with The Hubbster in the middle of the day (for exercise (torture)) and sweat my arse off

sew straps on two dance leotards

play Barbies on the floor with the girls and sulk when I have to be the maid (reflection of daily life perhaps?)

sew snowflakes on organza

get my period

remove lightening bolts from lycra leggings *sigh*

go to work

threaten the chooks with the axe if they don't start laying

find one egg the next day

finally return overdue dvds and paid the big fine of $2.60

realise that's a better amount than my last overdue fine of $154 (clerical error)

coordinate 10 different dance costumes

coordinate 10 different lots of accessories including hair stuff, shoes, stockings, makeup, arm bands and hair ribbons

coordinate 3 noisy kids while coordinating the above

try not to stress at the Eisteddfod during the 10 performances Miss D will be dancing in..........

hug, kiss and tell my kids how much I love them every day.....


Diminishing Lucy said...

Fark, I am glad it's not just me. I am knackered from reading that. I'd do a list of my own but....I can't bear to.

Christine Macdonald said...

Your posts area always so refreshing.

I love your heart! Thank you for having us all remember gratitude.


Foursons said...

Yikes. That is quite a list and I am so thankful it is not mine!

Ms. G said...

Ok, I feel a little better now. I have been procrastinating and the fact is you're twice as busy as I am supposed to be this week. I need to get off "my arse" : )

Jayne said...

Yikes, so glad my girls are grown and I've only got Aspie teen to deal with!

Matty said...

I'm going to take a wild guess that you did not have your period 3 times in a two week period. But it's just a guess.

Unknown said...

Wow - if you're not having a wine after writing that list (and contemplating tackling whatever is left on it) I'm certainly going to have one for you after reading it!

Dreaming said...

My favorite from you list is sitting on the porch with a glass of wine. Go for it!!!
Whew - I think I need to take a nap now.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaaaa And you thought being a Farmers wifey was easyyyyy well let me tell you missy.... It is just imagin if you was my wife!! Monday... shopping ..... sex

Tuesday.. Hair and nails ... sex

Wednesday.. Out for a meal ... no sex too full up :p

Thursday.... Shopping... sex

Friday ... Hair done... Sex

Saturday...breakfast in bed, pub lunch.... theatre

Sunday..... erm day off :D

Ahhhhh I wanna be married to me lol...

luv u lots

Farmers Wifey said...

Ahh there you are my lil pomme, thanks for stopping by my blog...and joining the other posters who I do appreciate!

Annette Piper said...

Oh dear, yes, my weeks get like that too. And don't forget all the travelling that many of those jobs entail. Sometimes I wish I lived in town (until I go there LOL).